How can you tell if asparagus is good?

How can you tell if asparagus is good?

How to Tell If Asparagus Is Bad?

  • There’s mold. If there’s any fuzzy action on the spears, or there are black spots here and there, that asparagus is no good.
  • It’s soft or mushy. The tips usually darken and go limp first, then the stalks go wrinkly.
  • It smells funky.
  • 17 May 2021

    What should I look for when buying asparagus?

    Texture: Look for asparagus stalks that are firm to the touch, able to stand up straight, and with a smooth texture. Avoid stalks that appear limp or wilted. The tips of asparagus should be closed and compact, free from spreading or softness.

    Is thick or thin asparagus better?

    — Thinness may be a top quality for supermodels, but a vegetable expert in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences says when it comes to asparagus, thicker is better.

    What does fresh asparagus look like?

    Fresh asparagus stalks are firm, straight and smooth. They should be a rich green color with a small amount of white at the bottom of the spear. A dull green hue and wrinkles in the stems are an indication of old age. Also look for asparagus that stands up straight–the stalks should not be limp.

    What are signs of good quality asparagus?

    Stalks should be plump and firm, and tips should be tightly closed. Color can be green, purple, or white, depending on the variety. Make sure the color is not faded. A good grocer will chill asparagus or store it standing upright in cold, fresh water.

    What does it look like when asparagus goes bad?

    If the asparagus has begun to spoil, you will notice the tips become a progressively darker green until they are nearly black in color. The stalk will become limp and mushy and mold spots may begin to appear. It will begin to develop an unpleasant and pungent smell as decay sets in.

    How long does asparagus last in the fridge?

    three to five days

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