Is the Works toilet bowl cleaner discontinued?

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Is the Works toilet bowl cleaner discontinued?

Use the toilet cleaner on a toilet in February 2021 and it left a blue ring around the inside of the bowl. The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner formula has recently changed from a 20% active ingredient to a 9.5%. Unfortunatly; the 20% formula has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase

What happens when you mix aluminum foil and toilet cleaner?

The aluminum in the foil reacts with hydrochloric acid in the cleaner. The reaction produces hydrogen gas, which quickly builds the pressure inside the closed bottle until the plastic can’t take it any more and explodes outwards.) The reaction created a small amount of smoke.

Will Lysol toilet bowl cleaner work Works bomb?

Mixing toilet cleaner and aluminum foil does not create an explosion. When these two are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs that releases hydrogen gas. This reaction occurs too slowly to produce an explosion: it just bubbles.

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