What can I eat with olives?

What can I eat with olives?

You’re going to want to:

  • slice them up in your salads.
  • put them on top of your pizza.
  • pack them in a sandwich bag for a quick snack.
  • chop them up in chicken or tuna salad.
  • marinate them in olive oil and fresh herbs.
  • eat them with cheese, dried fruit and a glass of your favorite wine.

What goes well with black olives?

What to do with leftover black olives

  • Pizza bianca with goat’s cheese, courgettes and black olives.
  • Spinach gnocchi with blistered tomatoes, basil and olives.
  • Thyme roast lamb with lentils, feta, olives and herbs.

What goes well with olives and cheese?

CheeseOliveNotesGruyereThis combination tastes like French Onion SoupGoat GoudaMt. Athenos Olives with Sicilian HerbsSweet and Tangy CombinationPecorino RomanoCipolline OnionsThe Balsamic Finish matches the salty notes of the RomanoFresh MozzarellaNext best thing to garden-fresh tomatoes11 more rowsx26bull;Jul 21, 2012

What can I add to green olives?

You can really use any herbs and seasonings of your choice. This time we’re going to use fresh thyme, rosemary, coriander and fennel seeds, bay leaves, garlic, a little dried red chili for some spiciness, extra virgin olive oil and those wonderful preserved lemons.

What goes well with olives?

Olives bring meaty, briny, and aromatic quality to any recipe, which is why they’re especially popular in Mediterranean cooking. Olives pair well with fish and poultry, but can also instantlyand elegantlyelevate a recipe such as roasted cauliflower, a citrus salad, and even deviled eggs.

How do you eat olives as a snack?

pizzas and salads or processed into oil or tapenade.…Olive nutrition facts.Black olivesGreen olivesFiber3% of the DV4% of the DVSodium11% of the DV23% of the DV6 more rowsx26bull;May 11, 2020

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