What fuel do you use for chocolate fondue?

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What fuel do you use for chocolate fondue?

Alcohol Fuel A small flame is good for chocolate, medium flame for cheese fondue and maximum for oil or broth. The adjustable burner unit allows you to control the flame by opening or closing the top of the unit.

What should I look for in a fondue set?

No matter what type of fondue is on the menu or what type of pot you choose, make sure that your fondue set comes with a sturdy stand — one that keeps the cheese, the chocolate or the hot oil in the pot where it belongs. A quart of hot cheese splattered on the rug is not anyone’s idea of romance.

Do tea light fondue sets work?

The tea light does a good job of keeping the fondue hot and in the liquid state. Even with the traditional Swiss fondue pots, cheese tends to burn/form a ball close to the heat source, so I give the fondue a little swirl with my bread every now and then.

What is a chocolate fondue set?

Our chocolate fondue set is the definition of pure chocolate entertainment for dinner parties, families and friends or the perfect evening in for two. Chocolate dipping adventures with succulent nibbles and delicious chocolate dips.

What fuel do I use for fondue set?


How do you use gel fuel for fondue?

Ideally, all chocolate and dessert fondues should be melted on the top of a double boiler, never over direct heat, before being placed into the fondue pot for serving. A small amount of heat is required to keep dessert fondue warm in the fondue pot, it is best to use a candle.

How do you choose fondue?

Factors to consider when buying a fondue set For dessert and cheese fondues, look for a ceramic or tempered glass cauldron that evenly distributes heat. If you’re planning on trying them all, look for three-in-one fondue sets with ceramic bowl inserts that allow you to make quick changes.

What does a fondue set consist of?

Fondue Utensils A plate for the cooked foods and (if appropriate) a plate for uncooked foods. A regular dinner fork for eating cooked food. The fondue fork is for cooking food, not eating. The fork can become dangerously hot.

Is cast iron good for fondue?

Cast iron is also most suitable for meat fondue. Cast iron takes a little longer to reach the right temperature, but retains the heat for longer. If the cast iron pan is enameled, it can also be used for cheese fondue.

What are the different types of fondue?

There are four commonly prepared types of fondue. They are cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, oil fondue (also known as meat fondue), and broth fondue.

Are vintage fondue pots safe?

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Can you use a tea light for fondue?

The tea light candle is used to melt the chocolate and keep the fondue warm. You can also prepare your chocolate fondue on the stove in a pot/double boiler and then transfer it to the fondue dish with the tea light to keep it warm. Make sure to stir frequently .

How do you use a fondue candle set?

Factors to consider when buying a fondue set You’ll want to use a cast iron or stainless steel fondue pot that can handle high temperatures to prepare meat fondue. For dessert and cheese fondues, look for a ceramic or tempered glass cauldron that evenly distributes heat.

Can you use candles for cheese fondue?

Heat Intensity Some votive candle brands discourage the use of their candles with fondue pots. While heat from a candle flame might be sufficient to keep chocolate fondue warm, it won’t generate enough heat to keep oil bubbly for cooking pieces of meat.

What is a fondue set used for?

Fondue is a fun cooking method to use when serving a meal for a small group. It can be used for cooking meat or seafood, or it can be used to prepare different types of dipping sauces for dipping almost any type of food.

What do you eat with chocolate fondue?

Waffles, ice cream bars, donut holes, scones, brownies, marshmallows, cream puffs, biscotti, granola bars, and potato chips (with tongs) are other chocolate fondue dippers to serve with chocolate fondue.

What is a fondue kit?

A type of cookware that consists of a pot with a heat source such as a portable cooking fuel or an electrical heating element placed directly below the pot that is used for a food preparation process known as fondues.

What is a chocolate fondue fountain?

A chocolate fountain is a device for serving chocolate fondue. The basin is heated to keep the chocolate in a liquid state so it can be pulled into a center cylinder then vertically transported to the top of the fountain by an Archimedes screw.

Can I use a chocolate fondue set for cheese?

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What can I use if I don’t have a fondue set?

Especially suitable for meat fondue If the cast iron pan is enameled, it can also be used for cheese fondue.

How do you use a chocolate fondue fountain?

No fondue pot? Then just use a heavy bottomed pan. You should really keep some heat under the pan whilst enjoying your feast, perhaps try to rig up a trivet to stand the pan on with a couple of tealights underneath. Just make sure that you make the actually fondue on a hob and that it is hot when it reaches the table.

What can be used for fuel for fondue?

Types of Fondue Fuel

  • Liquid Alcohol. For cheese, meat or seafood fondues, you need a fuel which burns to a higher temperature than can be achieved using tealights.
  • Bottled Gel Fuel. Gel fuel is essentially a jellylike form of alcohol.
  • Canned Chafing Fuel.
  • Butane Fuel.

What liquid do you use for fondue?

Use a trivet to protect your table from a hot fondue pot. Stay away from water when preparing fondue, use flavorful liquids such as wine and broth. Dry wines work best.

How do you use fondue gel fuel?

Make sure that all flammable material is far from the burner (i.e., napkins, paper, etc.). Open the air holes to the maximum opening and carefully bring a lit match to the holes. Once your burner is lit, discard the used match. Adjust the openings to the desired temperature.

How do you light a gel fondue burner?


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