Is there a watermelon slicer?

Is there a watermelon slicer?


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What’s the right way to cut a watermelon?


What is a watermelon knife?

How does the watermelon slicer work?

The Victorinox 40286 12 watermelon knife is perfect for cutting into fresh melons with ease. Whether you serve steak with watermelon salad, boozy watermelon beverages, or simply cut up the fruit for a fresh and healthy side dish, you need a sharp and reliable knife to cut through melon.

Is there a watermelon knife?

The Watermelon Knife is your go-to knife for cutting watermelons, cantaloupe, or any other large product for consumption. … It has a thick, stiff blade that wont’ flex when cutting fruit with a thick rind. It has a 1095 stainless steel blade with a polymer handle and a full tang design.

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